Thanks for all the great proposal!!  Program will be posted in the next coming weeks. Stay Tuned.

We share our struggles, let’s share our stories
This is a call out to all rebels, activists, gender outlaws, intellectual strippers,butch butterflies, femme bears and sex nerds, who want to share their story!
We are all queers (in the broad sense of the word) with very different backgrounds, each of us experiencing ways of oppression differently, for example: homophobia, ableism, racism, sexism, classism or transphobia, to name a few.
Queeristan is an autonomous DIY and DIT (do it together) festival crafted each year by volunteers. Queeristan started in Amsterdam 2010 as a reaction to the lack of awareness in mainstream gay and lesbian culture of political and social struggles. It was a reaction to how the gay card was and is being used against migrants and to justify harsh immigration laws. Queeristan aims at fighting racism, segregation and homonormativity. What unites queers with other marginalized communities is that we all struggle with the compulsory laws and values imposed on us.
This year Queeristan wants to focus on Racism, Transphobia and Feminism. We don’t always know, notice or understand each other’s struggles, so we want to share them and learn from each other through open dialogue and stimulating critical thinking creatively.
We’re looking for workshops, performances, musicians, spoken word, visual artists and any other forms you can think of for telling your story.
Proposal guidelines
– Let us know a bit about you and what you want to do
– Tell us what you need ( e.g. microphone, projector, translator etc.)
– Estimated time required
– Will you need housing? For how many and for how long?
Any special needs?
– Optional: Include a relevant image if you have one, we love visuals
– Keep it short and sweet max. 500 words
– Queeristan is a vegan space and respects the Palestinian call for boycott of Israeli products.
Please submit your proposal by May 15 to
also add in email subject line if you are proposing
a workshop, performance or visual art
We are already looking forward to reading your proposals of dissent, pleasure and resistance. For more info and updates check our Facebook or tumblr pages. FESTVAL DATES ARE JULY 9 – 12 2015


What’s in a Name? Problematizing The Name of the Festival

We want to acknowledge the critiques we have received concerning the name Queeristan and allegations of cultural appropriation and/or orientalism. Therefore, it is important to us to give insight into the decision making process that led to the name, the composition of our own collective, and our decision to stick to a name that we love and under which we have been working for the past five years.

Queeristan was picked from a number of choices in 2010, when we first held the festival. We chose the name because the connection between Queer (as a political practice, appropriated from a US context of reclaiming non-normativity) in combination with the suffix –Stan (which refers to ideas of space/place/home across different language groups) reflected our desire to generate queer spaces in the city of Amsterdam and to queer ideas of space/home/place/belonging. We were also fed up with the militaristic imposition of a global politics of “war on terror” that relegates the word –stan to a sphere of negativity. The combination queer+i+stan in our ongoing conversations felt like a disruption of homonormativity and homonationalism, politics of fear and terror, and ideas of ownership over spaces/homes/borders/places. And it still does today.

The organizing collective changes each year, because Amsterdam, and especially its queer scene, is very much in flux, subjected to changes of choice or forced relocations due to issues ranging from squat evictions and gentrification to national borders and obstacles concerning citizenship and residency.

Our organizing language is English and we are people who live, love, work, do nothing, desire, move through, create, and survive in Amsterdam coming from different cultural, national, social, linguistic, ethnic, racial, sexual, gender and class backgrounds. There are people in the collective that can geographically, culturally or linguistically identify with/relate to the suffix -stan and there are people who can’t.

The name Queeristan is not set in stone. However, after much heated debate at the start of this year’s organizing period concerning criticism we had received, we decided to stick to the name Queeristan for reasons mentioned above.

Queeristan has never been about our collective, but about the spaces that we create and in which we can come together as communities. We invite you to continue the debate with us!

In love and in struggle