Queeristan 2015 has ended…….

WOW !! we did it and we could not have done it without the help from all the volunteers that stepped up !! Thank You so much !! Wonderful crew and support from so many visitors. Also want to say Thanks to Binnenpret, MKZ, Bollox, LagLab, OCCII and all the houses sharing the beautiful garden with the festival. Please continue to join us for more parties, performances and politics here in Amsterdam Wednesday evenings at Vrankrijk for WTF Queer Night. And if you are not in Amsterdam see you next year for QUEERISTAN 2016!!!!!!

Queeristan 2015 Opening Art Show and Film Night Thursday July 9

Queeristan is happy to open the festival with an evening visual art expo by participating artists:

Liz Allan, Josefin Arnell, Kareem Lotfy, Batsheva Ross,

Sam Samiee, Taocheng Wang, Timmy Van Zoelen

and a film program of shorts from San Francisco based production team Queer Rebels!!

Exhibition title: Other Sights


“Imagine being able to see into another person’s body, being able to see the flow of blood, the workings of the organs, and the flow of air into the lungs. Cetaceans can do this through echo-location. A dolphin can see a tumor inside the body of another dolphin. If an animal is drowning, this becomes instantly recognizable from being able to “see” the water filling the lungs. Even more amazing is that emotional states can be instantly detected.
Sight in humans is a space-oriented distance sense which gives us complex simultaneous information in the form of analog pictures with poor time discrimination. By contrast, our auditory sense has poor space perception but good time discrimination. This results in human languages being comprised of fairly simple sounds arranged  in elaborate temporal sequences. The cetacean auditory system is primarily spatial, more like human eyesight, with great diversity of simultaneous information and poor time discrimination. For this reason, dolphin language consists of very complex sounds perceived as a unit. What humans may need hundreds of sounds strung together to communicate, the dolphin may do in one sound. Utilizing their skill at echo-location with elaborate detailed mental images of what they “see” through auditory channels, dolphins may be able to recreate and transmit images to each other. In other words, whereas our language is analog, cetacean language is digital. With the invention of the computer, we are now communicating with each other digitally, and this may be the key to unlocking the doors of perception into cetacean communication.”                                                                    – Paul Watson

Location: Binnenpret

doors 17:00

Queer Rebel shorts

Guest curators : About Queer Rebels: Artists KB Boyce and Celeste Chan founded Queer Rebels in 2008. Their vision: break down doors for queer/trans artists of color, connect generations, and honor our histories with art for the future.  www.queerrebels.com and www.facebook.com/QRProductions —KB Boyce & Celeste Chan, guest curators.

ANCIENT FUTURE: From a queer apocalyptic land, to a 70 year-old bodybuilder, to a young girl fleeing Iran at night, what does our collective future/freedom look like? ANCIENT FUTURE is irreverent, rejecting exotification – and paying homage to the wisdom of our ancestors and homelands. ANCIENT FUTURE – we claim it queer with these cosmic creations.

DESERT  LULLABIES Desert-Lullabies-Monely-Soltani-1

2014, USA, video, color, sound, 15 min, International Premiere
One magical full moon night, Tara and her mother must flee Iran through the desert, in search of freedom, and with hope for a more liberated life but first, they must let go, unite and let the knowledge of their ancestors guide them.

Keep It In, Keep It Out Keep-It-In-Keep-It-Out-Wizard-Apprentice-2

2014, USA, video, color, sound, 2 min, International Premiere
“There’s so many realities….to navigate at any given moment.” “Keep It In, Keep It Out” is the title track from Wizard Apprentice’s newest album, due to be released in Fall/Winter of 2014.

LAND Land-Lares-Feliciano-1

2011, USA, video, color, sound, 6 min, International Premiere
This experimental animation introduces the audience to two queer characters struggling with the aftermath of apocalyptic disaster. What does ‘the end of the world’ really mean? How might we radically ‘queer’ our relationship to the earth in the face of human-caused destruction?

Words Of Sonny  Words-of-Sonny-KB-Boyce-1

2014, USA, video, color, sound, 3 min, International Premiere
“People have the misconception that age makes you old,” says Sonny, a 70 year-old African American bodybuilder. Set to an experimental soundtrack, this film is a meditation on aging and mortality.

Finding Home Finding-Home-Celeste-Chan-1

Celeste Chan
2014, USA, video, color, sound, 5 min, International Premiere
What histories do we inherit, and what do we need to create? This film is an unfinished question.

We Come From Earth, We Come From Space

2014, video, color, sound, 7 min, International Premiere
Sarah Sass Biscarra-Dilley, Anna Luisa Petrisko, Grace Rosario Perkins, and Adee Roberson. Black Salt embodies cultural and contemporary narratives. The work is cultural, but not “cultural” in the anthropological sense of the word, as cultural art is often seen through a Western lens. Black Salt calls on ancestral and embodied knowledge with the intention of creating a vibrant future in which complex identities can coexist. Originally a performance component, “We Come from Earth, We Come from Space” features footage from six hours of tape filmed on location throughout the Southwest and the homesites of one member. Black Salt Collective’s upcoming web based project will use non-linear and experimental narratives to create a working archive exploring themes such as creation stories, language, memory, and ritual. Music by Mother Popcorn and Jeepneys.

Molten Tea Molten-Tea-Laura-Kim-1

2014, USA, video, color, sound, 3:30 min, International Premiere
A cosmic romance uncharted as the infinity of the universe: “I set the controls for the heart of the universe, You broke down near a shanty town…”

ABSENCE: no fats, no femmes,
no Asians


Celeste Chan
2014, USA, video, color, sound, 7 min, International Premiere
Fiercely honest, ABSENCE is a quest – for community, for visibility, for that queer fat API femme-utopia.

We Are Mangos We-Are-Mangos-Jeepneys-2

2014, USA, video, color, sound, 4 min, International Premiere
Jeepneys and Low Leaf, cosmic parrot sisters of the infinince, forever frolicking upon the nebular fields of the many dimensions we inhabit, intersect heartminds and find a universe of creatures. Together they dance joyfully between the folds of space and time. Low Leaf, an eternally expansive being, Earth’s beloved fairy swung from a crescent moon, beacon of divine ancestoric light force! As she climbs the palm tree of divine destiny she meets Jeepneys on the other side. Jeepneys, the alien bird mestiza, whose laughter creates stars across a void. Eyeing each other through the pyramid of palms, they see that they have been together since before the beginning of time. WE DO NoT PLACE ANY HIERARCHY TO TIME NOR SPACE NOR FLESH. OUR GARDENS LIVE ON METEORS AND MOONS. WE GIVE BIRTH TO UNIVERSES AND THEY GIVE BIRTH TO US.

Location: OCCII

doors at 19:45

film at 20:30

Friday July 10

P.O.C. Caucus // Fri 11:00 / Bollox

This is a meeting exclusively for people of colour to talk about their identities and experiences amongst each other. If you are not a person of colour please do not attend. The Bollox will be open to the public from 13:00

Relationship Anarchy:
A Non-Monogamy Workshop // Fri 12:30 / Tent 

Monogamy and heteronormativity oppress alternative forms of doing relationships. This workshop will be a space to discuss how they affect us; the relationships between non-binary people, the privileges of cisgendered heterosexual couples, the social and legal advantages of monogamous relationships and any related issues.

Discussion: On Behalf of ‘Whom’ // Fri 12:30 / OCCII Hall

Poe Liberado will facilitate a discussion about the language we use. ‘Our’ movements are becoming increasingly more inaccessible. Conversations which begin in the streets are moved to academic arenas. What are some strategies in making our movements more accessible?

— Break // 15:00 —

“Decolonizing Queerness” – Redmond Amsterdam // Fri 15:30 / Tent

This workshop aims to offer an intersectional approach to radical queer politics  by examining how white supremacy and colonialism intersect with the cis-het-patriarchy. Following Redmond’s People of Color caucus, this will be an open space of learning for all interested in building solid anti-racist coalitions that go beyond mere inclusion and towards a politics demanding freedom for all Queers.

Redmond is an Amsterdam-based intersectional feminist collective and radio show.


Sustainable Resistance Network

– Interrogation Training // Fri 15:30 / Upstairs (OCCII)

The Sustainable Resistance network runs workshops with the goal of promoting sustainable activism, which aims to enhance an activist culture that is resilient, focused on care and community and capable of staying in for the long run. This workshop will be training through a fun (but very educational) roleplay to experience techniques that are being used during police interrogations and how to be able to withstand those techniques. If you already know that ‘no comment’ is the best thing to do, come and try!

— Dinner Starts Serving // 18:00 —

Community Feedback // Fri 19:00 / Tent

A space moderated by the Lube Crew to discuss issues occurring during the festival.

— Binnenpret Close – 21:00 —

An evening of queer performance…in 3 ACTS …

ACT 1 9 30- 10 30

Representation of a Dead Body, Variation No. 1 by Albertina Cabrera

Albertina Cabrera is an Experimental artist and an Artivist, who works in many different forms and ways, from experimental films, to papier maché sculptures, from performance to teaching music to children with instruments made out of recycled stuff.
Born in Guatemala, Meso America, in the middle of the bloodiest times of 36 years of war, she and her family move out of the city to live in a safer place when she was 4, returning to the city at the age of 9, to live in her grandmothers house.

When the war ends in 1996, the “post-war” period starts but all that it meant was a broken society and historical social trauma, that projects all the injustices in violence, any way, we say the peace was signed, but the war still going, the multinationals still murdering, the corrupt politicians still in the state, nothing changed, just the supposition that by name we are not anymore in war.

In this framework I create -cidio (-cide) a suffix from the Latin word that means murder, slaughter, killing, is a way of portraying the situation in Guatemala, is my way to scream that yes it had been geno-cide, the killing of entire communities of Indigenous peoples, from 1960 to 1996. Femini-cide the misogynistic killing of woman, girls, trans-women in the most violent ways, and the Eco-cide, the violent killing of the land and activists to make room for mines, dams and plantations, all in the name of “progress” made by multinationals together with State’s speculations; another way of genocide that is happening now.

Power and Masculinity.. Breaking Down the Lie
Short: In today’s society, the concept of Power and Masculinity are interwoven. Why is that? In this piece I talk about my journey perceiving Men, Women and Power in various ways before finally Breaking Down the Lies of society. It’s time for the Truth.

Unfortunate Vernacular performs: Young Lust LONDON
a cynical comedy about trans, genderqueer and coming of age over and over again. Placing the self into the social world, the surrealism of making politics personal, norms in “norm-free” zones, and the confusion that comes together with social change gets illuminated.

Unfortunate Vernacular is an EU white migrant trans(&)queer performance duo originated in SE London.

Mother’s hands/It smells like girl. Poem with visuals Ville Erdedi
This poem is part of a series of texts that in loving, painful, hateful and desperate ways talks of woman-hate. Maybe this poem is a prayer. Maybe it is a ritual through which the hate for working class femininity, working class women and working class mothers magically dissolves, leaving only strong bodies ready to love as if there were no tomorrow.


ACT 2 11-12PM

Aude Fondard, writer, performer, likes to play with words and movement. She has previously shared her writing on the stage and on the street, on a travelling blog and on a serial fiction blog. She tries to capture the fleeting facets of feeling and the insecurity of being. This time, she is here to share some intimate and raw pieces about sex in the form of abuse.
(contact: inspektorvondach [@] riseup.net)


“Hi, I am Esben Holk, working with anarchist queer collective House of Killing: I am a performance artist working to destroy normative assumptions of stability and permanency. I want to remove the systematic abuse and discrimination of all things that are not directly a product of and/or an accomplice to the established world order, by empowering persyns to express, indulge in and be confident in their inherent infinite queer nonconformity. I attempt to create a space where we as queers can close our eyes, meditate, transcend and breath in the power to destroy the straight world order.”
As a queer persyn, I feel that we often are told to internalize guilt, “stay strong”, keep our head held high: we practice each other in surviving the straight world order, and this is beautiful: however, I wish to make hypnotic meditations that empower the queer to not become strong, but understand that they already are revolutionary and frightening to normative society, and that they needn’t change: society does.

God bless you, Gebärmutterhals
The performance takes as its basis bodily tissues and their pathology; more specifically, the cervix as a site of durability, potency, sensitivity, transfiguration, cancer, good fun,
the “neck” of the entrance/exit, pungent, rich fluids and discharge!
The performance begins with a pseudo-scientific lecture and ends with an ecstatic “operation”. The text is a diatribe-wordplay about tissues, stigmatization, shame, and attempts by the medical establishment to tidy up the abject and excessive, and finally instructs us to “bid the pathology a warm welcome”.
Jeanne Hamilton is an artist, performer and lecturer who lives in Germany and works worldwide.

Tvillingskapet / The Twinhood gives:
The Dictatorship Of Girliness

Rituals are mandatory.
Your hips are mandatory.
Grief over the inner man is mandatory.
From now on freedom of choice must end.
Grief has to be mandatory.
15 minutes of trans therapy political chakra dance


ACT 3 12 30 – 1 30


Come, come, come, my darlings. Let me liberate your desires, let me arouse your senses. An erotic act: half man, half woman, a transsexual menace, a dildo-thrusting, titty-fucking one-wo/man show singing old tunes with a sexy twist. With glitter and sequins I baptise you in the name of the pussy: you will be reborn.

tchivett’s zombie queer punk sexy dance show BERLIN

a zombie doesn’t need to follow the rules of society
they don’t need gender and body normativity
they just feel their body and live to fulfil their desire
rampage, fuck, feast on humans that think they’re so normal
destroying every trace of the so called civilised society

sometimes i also feel like this
when i think about living in this heteropatriachal capitalist racist fucked up world
i have emotions of anger fear and sadness,
because sometimes the horror movie it’s actually the real world
and i want to scream and destroy and kill
but i always have to repress those emotions, and conform to be a civilised human again

so much integrated repression and censorship we daily have to produce
to restrain our natural impulses to rebel and break out
is probably poisonous
i imagine it could eventually really turn me into a cannibalistic monster
but i can’t be a zombie… except maybe on stage
release the beast within a gathering of freaky queers, it might turn to be quite hot”
Butch Mystique | When the Levee Breaks

Butch Mystique is no stranger to hard work. Getting dirty and sweaty and handling her tools with expert craftsmanship, she takes great pride in always ensuring a job well done. A 14 year veteran of the stage, this American born gender performer is pleased to make her debut in Amsterdam here tonight, with you.

37441797H– post porn performance by transfusion+wearenotvictims+bengala
37441797H wants to play with our links,with our knots; to eroticize our experiences of dependency. Because we are dependents by using a languaje that goes beyond ourselves. Because we are dependents when a bisness-man*wo*man rises the food prices, making them accesible or not to your body, to your basic ecosystem. Because we are dependents also when we love, and when we need to face injustice, when we need us to be rebels. We are dependent when we ‘desesitamos’ [need+desire] perhaps a prothesis of our body [a wheelchair or a passport], or perhaps a free afternoon, so the need of some other body taking care of our child, being not able to afford to pay for it, not able to erase our connexion with the best capitalistic prothesis: money.

To think all of this is what we call interdependence, the way that we wanna experiment it. An interdependence that says that indeed, the body has no externality, and knowing that there is nothing more experiential than that: there is anything more experiential that all those many dependences that pierce our amorphous bodies, through its territory, and in all forms of experience.

Reminiscences and common voices out of control, across all our practices and political statements: the impossibility of enclosing the body within the limits of its skin.

**It contents [what is called] explicit sex

**No taking pictures

**Not respectful attitudes will be punished with la muerte.


Saturday July 11

Femme Caucus // Sat 11:00 / Bollox

This is a meeting exclusively for self-identified Femme people to talk about their identities and related experiences amongst each other. Please do not attend if you do not identify as Femme. The Bollox will be open to the public from 13:00.

Sustainable Resistance Network – Burn Out Factors // Sat 12:30 / Tent 

An active workshop on analysing burn-out factors on both group level as on a personal level. What are factors that may lead to burn-outs and how to make realistic and helpful changes in both personal behaviour als group organisation?

Radical Transfeminism // Sat 12:30 / OCCII Hall  

In June 2015 a group of poc and white, trans and (some) cis activists, academics, artists, (sex) workers, and prison abolitionists based at different places in north-west Europe gathered in London with the specific aim to articulate a strong politics of Radical Transfeminism, to move from current Transliberalism (the striving for the inclusion of trans people in the institutions of capitalist society and the state) and to provide a platform for thinking through radical, intersectional and revolutionary transpolitics. This workshop aims to present some of this two-day discussion about transactivism, transcommunities/collectivities and transtheories, to spread and deepen the developed insights with the community at Queeristan.

Queer and Veganism // Sat 13:00 / Upstairs (Occii)

Queer and Veganisme wants to discuss how veganism is an ethical view towards other species . Moreover veganism is as important as our struggle against sexism, misogyny, “femmephobia” and racism. Speciescism and carnism have their origin in patriarchy and are basic pillars of Capitalism.

— Break / 15:00 —

Disability Activism 101:
Making queer spaces accessible // Sat 15:30 / Tent

This workshop will begin with a brief history of disability activism and then move to practical solutions for queer communities in making their spaces more accessible for disabled people. Within wider society, aside from facing discrimination, people and their disabilities are largely misunderstood. This can also include the queer community. This workshop aims to educate participants about the various, multiple forms of what “accessibility” actually is, along with practical solutions on how to make spaces more accessible. The  workshop will end with a discussion and a Q+A.

Open Podium – Direct Action // Sat 15:30 / OCCII Hall

An opportunity for different organisations to present and communicate collectively. Please come and join the discussion.

Radical Femininity – The Power of Femmes // Sat 15:30 / Upstairs (OCCII)

Taking a look at our communities- do misogyny, femmephobia and transmisogyny exist? How does it happen? Are people taken more seriously politically if they’re masculine presenting? As a woman (cis, trans) is there pressure to present in a more masculine way to be read as queer? Is femininity seen as radical? What is the power that femmes hold? This workshop will take a look at these questions and at our personal experiences.

CANCELED – Utopian Body workshop

Unfortunately Mischa is no longer able to make it to Amsterdam! We are sorry this workshop can no longer take place but we hope our paths will cross again some day! //

Utopian Body // Sat 15:30 / Upstairs (OCCII)

Mischa Badasyan, a performance artist and lgbtiq activist from Berlin will host a workshop on Utopian body. The workshop will explore ideas of body, place, non-place and how we connect with each other, with the aim to make body/installations with the workshop participants in Vondelpark, a cruising space in Amsterdam.

AGORA is a meeting point of the sexuality. It is a place where you exist.
I share my body to lose the pain and turn it into non-body. I move through spaces
and watch other bodies. I don’t possess myself.
My body is my Utopia. It is real but nowhere, like a point where all routes and paths
cross and face each other. My body is always here and never somewhere else.
Someone is staring at me. They look at me and I know what does it mean to be naked.
There is non-place in my body which is unseen and unknown.
My body is connected to others, that give me a sign that I exist.

Video made in a cruising area in Berlin.

— Dinner Starts Serving / 18:00 —

Community Feedback // Sat 19:00 / Tent    

A space moderated by the Lube Crew to discuss issues occurring during the festival.

— Binnenpret Close / 21:00 —


Anakin & Baby DragonAnarchoqueer dj-duo based in Malmö – together we will light the sky and burn our hearts out as we fly through pop, hits, electro and hiphop.
Anakin & Baby Dragon will play you the music we like, support and want to dance to.
Anakin is the skywatching shywalker of space, dancing between heavens and genderidentities.
Baby Dragon is the babe trans boi biker princexx who loves Harleys and wears sparkly tiaras.

heart emoticon Lets dance, take care of each other and load energy to live our lives and continue fighting! heart emoticon

Dandy and the Ghost UK
a one-person queer acoustic anti-capitalist aggressive homosexual folk-punk band

Atlanta Athens is a writer, storyteller and journalist. She co-organizes Berlin’s annual Koepi Queer Gala, a fun and frivolous celebration of queer artistic formats and all things queer punk.

Queer melancholic danceable post punk, garnished with a painted middle finger

I’m a multi-dimensional Anime Princess,
playing the role of Andy Smart to show the men of this world the value in softness, ambiguity ,receptivity,and intimacy without stigmatizing it to any sexual objectivity.
i’mma Bad Bitch

Petra Flurr explores any kind of social tensions and control: political, religious, racial, with an acid, violent and uncompromising attitude. He is well-known in the underground scene for his furious ravaging vocals and the devastating live performances, in which he turns into a real stage animal.

Polipiel is a melancholic Lo-fi experiment with beats and voice modifications.
Polipiel is into trembling sonorities, juxtaposing meanings and improvised covers.
Polipiel reflect about topics as: love, transition and perversion.
Polipiel means in spanish “fake leather, imitation leather”.

DJ GAYLO and DJ Juju !!!

Sunday July 12

Sex Workers Caucus // Sun 12:00 / Bollox

This is a closed meeting for people to discuss their identities and related experiences amongst each other. Please do not attend if you are not doing sex work. This caucus is only on until 13:00. The Bollox will be open to the public from 15:00.

Trans* Caucus // Sun 13:00 / Bollox

This is a meeting for trans* people to discuss their identities and related experiences amongst each other. Please do not attend if you are not trans*. The Bollox will be open to the public from 15:00.

D.I.Y. Sewing Workshop // Sun 14:30 / Tent

Our clothes are one of the ways we can express ourselves. In this workshop, you can edit and modify your clothes to fit you and your personality/identity better. Bring clothes if you can but we will have some too!

Writing Workshop // Sun 14:30 / OCCII hall

Atlanta Athens, writer, storyteller and journalist will host a writing workshop where you can trying out fun writing exercises together and build tools to enable you to share your story. We can also share share the process and results with each other during the workshop. Sharing is caring!

— Break —

Community Feedback // Sat 17:30 / Tent

A space moderated by the Lube Crew to discuss issues occuring during the festival.

— Binnenpret Close / 19:00 —

Queeristan Location

This Year Queeristan will be at Binnenpret !


Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16
1075 TX  Amsterdam


and OCCII !


Amstelveenseweg 134, 1075 Amsterdam


OCCII and Binnenpret are connected. This map should help you find everything within the festival (click for larger):


And this map should help you find the festival within Amsterdam:


Public transport:

Tram 1: Stop – Overtoomsesluis
Tram 2: Stop – Amstelveenseweg
Bus 15: Stop – Haarlemmermeerstraat

If you are a wheelchair user you can find specific information about the trams here.


What’s in a Name? Problematizing The Name of the Festival

We want to acknowledge the critiques we have received concerning the name Queeristan and allegations of cultural appropriation and/or orientalism. Therefore, it is important to us to give insight into the decision making process that led to the name, the composition of our own collective, and our decision to stick to a name that we love and under which we have been working for the past five years.

Queeristan was picked from a number of choices in 2010, when we first held the festival. We chose the name because the connection between Queer (as a political practice, appropriated from a US context of reclaiming non-normativity) in combination with the suffix –Stan (which refers to ideas of space/place/home across different language groups) reflected our desire to generate queer spaces in the city of Amsterdam and to queer ideas of space/home/place/belonging. We were also fed up with the militaristic imposition of a global politics of “war on terror” that relegates the word –stan to a sphere of negativity. The combination queer+i+stan in our ongoing conversations felt like a disruption of homonormativity and homonationalism, politics of fear and terror, and ideas of ownership over spaces/homes/borders/places. And it still does today.

The organizing collective changes each year, because Amsterdam, and especially its queer scene, is very much in flux, subjected to changes of choice or forced relocations due to issues ranging from squat evictions and gentrification to national borders and obstacles concerning citizenship and residency.

Our organizing language is English and we are people who live, love, work, do nothing, desire, move through, create, and survive in Amsterdam coming from different cultural, national, social, linguistic, ethnic, racial, sexual, gender and class backgrounds. There are people in the collective that can geographically, culturally or linguistically identify with/relate to the suffix -stan and there are people who can’t.

The name Queeristan is not set in stone. However, after much heated debate at the start of this year’s organizing period concerning criticism we had received, we decided to stick to the name Queeristan for reasons mentioned above.

Queeristan has never been about our collective, but about the spaces that we create and in which we can come together as communities. We invite you to continue the debate with us!

In love and in struggle