Here is some salvaged material from previous festivals. We were under the impression that nothing had been deleted from this website and that it was all accessible but unfortunately quite a few of the links you will find are dead. Different people have taken over the website over the years and may have unknowingly made old information inaccessible as a) the website address has changed multiple times (The main reason the 2017 team are not currently changing the name of the website.) and b) various methods were used to archive previous entries on our wordpress. It is possible that the information can be found and we will be looking into it in the future. In the meantime have fun exploring!  (And thanks to the wonderful yet terrifying Wayback Machine for archiving our website over the years.)

2011 – A brief overview of the program.

2012 – Click ‘Program’ and follow the links. Most of it is accessible.

2013 –  Click ‘Program’ and follow the links. Most of it is accessible.

2014 – Scroll down for Program. Most of the links are active.

2015 – All pretty much accessible.

2016 was archived recently to save confusion with this year. You can find it here- Thur / Fri / Sat / Sun