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Organising Direct Action Aimed Towards Gender Identity Clinics in the UK

By Gemma, of Edinburg Action for Trans Health (EATH)

The aim of the workshop is to highlight our experience in setting up a horizontally organised radical action group to challenge health inequalities that trans and non-binary people face. We would be looking to discuss: issues faced in getting to where we are; things we’ve learned along the way; plans for the future and how we’re planning on doing that; community engagement and the challenges of this; benefits we’ve seen due to this work; and the intersection of trans liberation within the framework of other spheres of oppression.

The format of the space would be to provide a discussion supported by a series of (probably humorous) powerpoint slide of topics above. We would be looking for participants to develop a sense of how difficult it is to start things like this (not very) and how to maintain moment and bridge the gaps in experience of anarcho-organising and queer lived experiences. We would also be talking about how we develop our ideas and how setting small achievable goals can lead to greater capacity to challenge larger and larger beasts. We welcome participants with a wide range of experience and backgrounds, in fact it’d be highly beneficial for that to happen.

Gemma identifies as a transfemme nb queeroid.



By Lukas

You will learn how to react on attack and violence in few simple moves and techniques. This not require power or strength just knowledge of few basic moves which you can code in your body. Also, how to build self-confidence and to protect personal boundaries.

My trainings are dedicated to LGBTQ+ community, allies and friends. I represent LGBTQ+ friendly Sports Club “Gwiazda” (“The Star”) which was founded as an reaction on male- and hetero-oriented, macho martial arts clubs in Warsaw. I’ve been leading trainings for over two years now in Kung Fu Academy and it’s not only about how to fight with your opponent, but also how to fight with the oppressive system, to get empowerment and self-confidence with facing discrimination, prejudices and hate speech.

I’m activist, vegan, anti-violence and gender educator, mover of “Glosy Przeciw Przemocy” (Voices Against Violence) association. I’m a certified self-defense instructor of Polish Sport Academy.


Decolonizing Gender

By Lana

Western civilization teaches us that the arrival of a straight white man is the starting point of history. However, gender and sexuality have always been queer. Significant pre-colonial societies had relatively loose notions of gender and sexuality, and it was the imposition of Western colonial systems that informed strict binaries in these sphere. But now, when post-colonial societies are stuck in their previously forced yet regressive norms, the West is shedding its ignorance in the name of progression, and is even seen itself as the symbol of progression.  We will talk about the gender variety in decolonial societies and the direct connection between colonization and the force of gender binary. The workshop is open to everyone.

Lana is a white-passing non-binary femme, activist. The workshop is for the lovely queers of color out there, and it is insistently advised  for the white queers who want to raise their awareness on white supremacy and colonization of gender, body and sexuality.


Healing and Energizing Through Movement

By Nadia

Instead of trying to process stimuli through the mind, process them through the body by movement, dance and exercises! Nadia Bekkers will guide us through a vibrant dance workshop based on the ideology of creating a space free of judgments from others and ourselves. The exercises are aimed at raising awareness about how we carry our body and about healthy alignments. Using a mixture of body-mindful practices, yoga, circus, theatre improvisation, theory, concept development and dance, combined with various types of music from hiphop to salsa, to soft electronic and house, this workshop will be a healing and energizing experience.


Diverse perspectives of Jewish life outside the Shoah and Israeli state politics with a focus on trans*
By Nui*

Lecture and group work with ensuing discussion on the stories and realities of being Jewish. As an impetus to think differently about Jewish people and their present and history. It is about learning other perspectives of Jewish history, culture and life outside Shoah and Israeli state politics. The main emphasis will be on the topics: Trans in Thora/Talmud, jewish state critique and feminist jewish ideas. A great potpourri!

The workshop has an antizionist Jewish perspective and will not be the space for non-Jewish “Anti-Deutsche” to set their thematic accents. It also won’t be a space for non-jewish people to use Jewish state critics for anti-Israeli resentments to justify and propagate their anti-semitic ideology. It is about Jewish and thus oppressed perspectives. It remains complicated.

About Nui: The lecturer is female socialized, trans*, white, influenced by anarchist ideas, ashkenazi jewish, living in the diaspora, well educated. I speak German/English and French and I could imagine being part of a mixed language discussion. The lecture itself is in English.


Performances and DJs

Tirsa With is a 19 year old queer black activist and poet. Tirsa loosely identifies as Surinamese, Dutch, woman, genderqueer, queer and black feminist. She started writing as an act of self care, which results in poetry that is personal, melancholic and socially critical.

She is the founding chair of the political youth organisation RADICAAL, which aims to provide youth with a platform to strive for radical equality. RADICAAL is the youth branch of the political party formerly known as Artikel 1, of which Tirsa is a board member as their youth representative. She also studies sociology and culture at Amsterdam University College.


Stacy is a 21 year old black queer activist and poet.

My Poems are a reflection of my activism and daily experiences and social justice mostly regarding capitalism, inequality, queer and minority struggles. It’s where I articulate and express myself on “what it means to be black and queer”. This ranges from hostility of the outside world to inner battles e.g. anxiety and depression. What I try to do with my poetry is to go beyond myself by depicting and intertwining my own experiences, questions and knowledge with that of others. Next year I’m going to organizing QTIBPOC festival in the netherlands alongside some other poc cuties :)


Kemah Bob is a comic, actress and comic actress from Houston, Tx, now based in London. Her inappropriate sense of humor and ability to improvise bring a different vibe to stage and screen. You can catch her show Unstable on Roundhouse Radio and find information for live comedy performances on Instagram & Twitter @KemahsVoice.


OIA (Gran Canaria, Spain) + KALI (Limache, Valparaíso, Chile) are 2 interdisciplinary artists who seek to deliver music and rap a countercultural, antifascist, feminist and queer message that breaks the canons andes of the body established by the neoliberal system.




DJ Sparkly Pony