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Play Escapes for Adults

By Max Alexander

My name is Max Alexander and I’m a 25 year old queer neurodiverse trans man living in Edinburgh Scotland. I’m a playworker, writer and artist. This workshop combines my love for play work with my desire to create nurturing and explorative community spaces.

The session is a chance to explore play and what it means in our lives. We look at play as a way to discover and meet our own physical, emotional and sensory needs. We will explore how we can adapt our environments to create play spaces and escapes within them. We also consider the importance and significance of play as part of our queer, trans and disabled communities. The workshop consists of discussions, experience sharing, non-verbal play activities and free play in whatever form this takes for you. Participants are actively encouraged to prioritise their own wellbeing and be involved in ways which are safe and positive for them. There may be a fort.


Building Communities of Accountability and Care for Survivors

By Zain

This will be a discussion-based workshop on how our wider community can better support survivors/victims of intimate partner violence or abuse. For many survivors, we are not only trying to heal from the violence/abuse but also what has come after and the potential of being let down by our communities. If a survivor wants the perpetrator to be held accountable, community support for this is vital.  In this space we can start to openly discuss how to build communities with accountability and support and care for survivors. This can include topics such as: survivor safety, self-determination and healing, importance and limitations of community accountability, the ways survivors’ marginalised identities affect the support they’ll receive, how non-survivors can support survivors and accountability work, our visions of what community care for survivors looks like, or any other issues the group would like to discuss.

No-one will be expected or required to talk about their own personal experiences. We will start by discussing how to respect each others boundaries and needs in the conversation so latecomers may not be able to join if we’re already past this point.



By Ingi

Kendama is a wooden Japanese cup and ball skill toy that promotes fitness and confidence in any willing to try. Simple tricks will be taught at this workshop and a chance to try out a range of types and sizes – this is my own personal collection so be respectful with them, they can hurt if instructions aren’t followed. Suitable for people aged over 8 (can be younger with supervision) it’s super exciting and a really cool and easy to get into. Come by and have a go with Ingi from Royal Kendama! The workshop will be from 14-15h but I will have my Kendama on site for the whole weekend so you can keep jamming afterwards!


DJ workshop

By Emil

Emil (DJ Sparkly Pony) is a queer and trans techno DJ from Malmö, where he is very active in the queer and underground scene. He’ll explain you how he DJ’s and learn you some techniques and those who want to can try it out themselves. Emil has had this workshop before in the Stockholm Anarcho Pride and in music camps for trans kids and girls and it’s usually a lot of fun! Max. 10 participants, sign up needed (


Drag & Gender Make-up


Drag & gender lecture (1st hour), Make-up tutorial (2nd hour).

A half lectured piece on my experiences with views on the collision of drag and gender & also the dispersion too. I talk about my struggle with gender, drag, marrying the two together and learning to feel comfortable in my skin. My aim of this lecture is to create a safe space for gender fluid, non-binary and transgender kids, adult & youth. Having built such an internationally successful drag career, it has been hard dealing with the burden of my personal trauma on a day to day basis, but I am now at a safe place and I’m here to talk about that.

A second half will be a makeup tutorial of one of my overly flamboyant and artistic makeup faces. I will guide a step by step process of how to sculpt the FKA face and all the secrets of how I achieve my glamour, I will also talk about the different types of faces I create depending on how I’m feeling about my gender on that given day.


Sex Work 101

By Lucia

“Sex workers are and always have been a part of the queer community. Queer/ lgbtqia persons choose to work in sexual service sectors (porn, full-service, massages, strip clubs and many more) for various reasons. Sex work IS work and still not a job like all others. Starting sex work can come with many questions and especially for queer people it can be tricky to figure bs information and networks. Sex work 101 is thought for queer persons who are interested to start sex work and seek to connect and get some questions answered. We will have tea, coffee and cookies together and you will get the chance to freely ask queer sex workers who have been in the business for a bit what you want and need to know.

Please note: This is not a place for people who are just curious and have no intention to ever do sex work or people want to discuss sex work. It is supposed to be a safer space for queers that want to do sex work and current queer sex workers to share experiences and knowledge. Please also be aware that we are very open and willing to share and help but might not be able to answer all questions. We can only speak from our own perspective and while we might be able to help you to get in touch with organizations and other sex workers, we might not have experiences in all sectors or from your individual perspective.

Having said all of this, we look forward to meet you! If you are interested, please send us an email as we want to keep the place as safe as possible and therefore will only have a limited number of participants. (


Confessions of a Queer Arab: My experience as an LGBT+ Refugee

By Shrouk

Shrouk El-Attar is an Egyptian LGBT+ Rights Activist who has been living in Wales since 2007. They were forced to claim asylum in the UK following a series of events.

Growing up Queer to a Conservative Muslim family in Mubarak’s Egypt is not easy. And when finally thought to have reached safety in the UK, the term “Safety” could not have been further from the truth. Shrouk’s involvement in the Egyptian LGBT+ scene is undoubtedly dangerous, yet their experience of how the UK treats queer refugees poses new unexpected challenges.

Shrouk will share their story about being a queer refugee from Egypt, a country where it is often considered the state’s, the community’s, and the family’s duty to punish lgbt+ individuals for who they are and who they love. They will also reveal information about some of the inhumane treatment queer asylum seekers are often met with at UK’s home office.



By Yin Yin and Heike, of Publication Studio Rotterdam

Get your hands dirty with (N)SFWorkshop and turn tacky, glossy, shiny porn mags into catchy, absurd, hilarious handmade memes. NSFW is a commonly used internet-term indicating ‘Not Safe For Work’, often referring to pornographic content. This is in turn being transformed by users to ‘Safe For Work’ content by layering drawings on top of the images, creating comical scenarios without the junk. Publication Studio Rotterdam invites you to make collages, illustrations and anything else within your liberty to remix the images and to create a more positive alternative, or apt critique of the mainstream porn that somehow makes its way into our consciousness. During the workshop we’ll be producing them all together as a zine!

Publication Studio Rotterdam is a publisher, a printer & binder and a space for social gathering. Above all, PSR tends to the social life of books.
Please sign up for this workshop by sending an e-mail to



‘Of closets and lockers’ – handling LGBTIQ+ topics with students

By m Horvat

We will focus on the organisation of and methods for school workshops concerning queer topics like e.g. non-cishet identities, coming out, and struggles LGBTIQ+ people (can) face. Ideally, everyone will leave the space with a lot of new ideas how to work on queer topics with school students. Most of the work and conversations will take place in small groups; Interaction with other participants is central to the process. Target audience are queer folks from all backgrounds, as it is one of the main goals to collect, share, and spread our knowledge (= respective lived experience). Please bring a pen and paper!

m Horvat, 27, is a Vienna-based student who has been involved in different aspects of gender sensitive youth work as well as queer feminist projects and ideas across Austria.


Performances and DJs

The Dancing Queer (Shrouk): “Egypt is known as the capital of Belly Dancing. It is also a country where LGBT+ people are legally imprisoned, tortured, and thrown into Mental Asylums for life. The Egyptian Belly Dancer, Dancing Queer, will give a very authentic performance with a twist that protests the treatment of LGBT+ people persecuted around the world just for being who they are.


Maya Songbird: A fearless dreamer who believes in Magic. Brewing an eclectic combination Experiment of Disco, Punk, Electro Pop, and Rock.


Cha.Ne.Ca: Nosotros ponemos Regeton sudaka chile. Queer reggaeton group.


DJ Jay


DJ K-Dushi