VRANKRIJK (Spuistraat 216)


Workshop: The Assertiveness Circle.

Originally devised for Black Girls Picnic, the workshop looks at the process in marginalised bodies creating spaces for themselves- discussing techniques that can be employed in personal lives or creative and professional aspects.

Participants of the workshop are encouraged to actively contribute, as Sadie introduces practices and shares personal experience.

Please be advised, due to the nature of this workshop, mental health is an aspect which Sadie discusses and welcomes participants to discuss. This workshop also involves some light movement (accessible for all).

The objective of this workshop is to encourage marginalised bodies to self care through centering themselves when their needs and selves are overlooked.



Performances and Party.


What do we mean by Queer People of Color?

To a large extent when it comes to both queer and people of color, we expect people to self-identify. If this feels right to you, we are not out to police identity. There are many ways that people define queer. Queer can be an expression of sexuality and an expression of gender. We hope that queer includes a political orientation that affirms the complexity of life, gender, desire, love and identity. By people of color, we acknowledge that this phrase is loaded with both meaning and ambiguity. This is not about “color.” Its about the way particular cultures, ethnicities and complex identities have been erased by the invention of race. There is much more to say, nuance and explain. Knowing that, we move forward “Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar” There is no way, we make the way by walking.

Why a night for Queer People of Color?

To build community among the diverse array of People of Color who are queer To encourage creativity among each other, to explore identity in ways that prioritize our histories, stories, struggles and ways to be. To go to a space where “where are you from?” is not really “How exactly do you not belong?” To foster a space where we seek identities in relationship to our own values and desires and not in response to the dominant culture. To create a sense of awareness about our work and contribution to the struggle. To heal and support each other in healing from the experience of exclusion, discrimination and the various challenges we face in our different and complicated lives.

How does a (Q)POC night relate to white people?

We acknowledge that people of traditional European descent (white people) are a part of the broader, queer, anarchist and other communities that we are a part of. This is not a night that is about exclusion. This is a night that is about Queer People of Color and our priorities. Demographically, we are outnumbered and we ask for solidarity in our attempt to allow the space to be focused on our struggles, lives and priorities.


***There will be no alternative program for non-poc queers. White queers may have many reasons they need to heal but not because they are white. A separate event would also amount to segregation. White allies can only be allies by respecting the necessity of a space without white bodies. ***