POC day schedule



VRANKRIJK (Spuistraat 216)

** In solidarity with LGBTQ in Egypt we are joining forces with “Demonstratie: Stop de LHBTI-vervolging in Egypte & Azerbeidzjan!”  that will be happening from 18.00 to 18.45 at the Homomonument in Amsterdam.

There’s going to be a queer refugee caucus held by SehaQ and a Trans POC caucus 


Loop pedal workshop

Be Steadwell is a singer songwriter from Washington DC.  With roots in jazz, pop and folk-Be transforms a blend of genres and personal stories with into what she calls queer pop.  In her live performances, she utilizes loop pedal vocal layering and beat boxing to compose her songs on stage.  Be’s original music features her earnest lyricism, and proud LGBTQ content.​

Moses Summney, Feist, Ed Sheeran and many other pop artists have taken to using loopers in their sets.  Looping is a fun, inexpensive method for creating an orchestra with one instrument, a choir with one voice.  Bring your voice, your poetry, and or your instrument and learn to use a loop pedal for storytelling and music.  Be Steadwell, queer singer Songwriter from Washington DC shares her music, skills and loop pedals with you.  No experience with music or looping necessary.

KindredKuts is a queer barber based in Amsterdam. Our affinity is our love for exceptional barbering services and personalized experiences that make you feel like family. I aim to provide a comfortable, warm, positive environment, and personalized services for all of my clients, especially for LGBTQIA folk and their friends. A space where you are surrounded by good vibes and positivity.




Donya is an artist, musician and writer. They incorporate the frame of mind of ‘telling the truth’, through art(s). Their biculturality adds to the endless question of what a nationality can mean for one’s identity. Donya Batta is also a nongender, polyamorous queer, vegan. In a world where each of these terms can be categorised as a ‘political opinion’, art becomes the bearer of new truths.

Kemah Bob is a comic, actress and comic actress from Houston, Tx, now based in London. Her inappropriate sense of humor and ability to improvise bring a different vibe to stage and screen. You can catch her show Unstable on Roundhouse Radio and find information for live comedy performances on Instagram & Twitter @KemahsVoice.

and Party…. 


What do we mean by Queer People of Color?

To a large extent when it comes to both queer and people of color, we expect people to self-identify. If this feels right to you, we are not out to police identity. There are many ways that people define queer. Queer can be an expression of sexuality and an expression of gender. We hope that queer includes a political orientation that affirms the complexity of life, gender, desire, love and identity. By people of color, we acknowledge that this phrase is loaded with both meaning and ambiguity. This is not about “color.” Its about the way particular cultures, ethnicities and complex identities have been erased by the invention of race. There is much more to say, nuance and explain. Knowing that, we move forward “Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar” There is no way, we make the way by walking.

Why a night for Queer People of Color?

To build community among the diverse array of People of Color who are queer To encourage creativity among each other, to explore identity in ways that prioritize our histories, stories, struggles and ways to be. To go to a space where “where are you from?” is not really “How exactly do you not belong?” To foster a space where we seek identities in relationship to our own values and desires and not in response to the dominant culture. To create a sense of awareness about our work and contribution to the struggle. To heal and support each other in healing from the experience of exclusion, discrimination and the various challenges we face in our different and complicated lives.

How does a (Q)POC night relate to white people?

We acknowledge that people of white European descent are a part of the broader, queer, anarchist and other communities that we are a part of. This is not a night that is about exclusion. This is a night that is about Queer People of Color and our priorities. Demographically, we are outnumbered and we ask for solidarity in our attempt to allow the space to be focused on our struggles, lives and priorities.


***There will be no alternative program for non-poc queers. White queers may have many reasons they need to heal but not because they are white.  White allies can only be allies by respecting the necessity of a space without white bodies. ***