Ceraun the Divanun is a gender non-conforming transfemme from Washington, DC. “Where the Streets Have No Name” is a multimedia project, a meditation on loneliness and identity that was created while living in Tokyo for 3 months this spring. The project consists of a series of photographs and videos that detail my experience of being a black trans person in Tokyo.


Lynx is a queer, Black, non-binary artist and community builder from Canada. Afro+Goth Poet. Multidimensional Artist, Activist & Educator. Pronouns: They/them. Their short film “Way Home” will be showing at the festial. lynxsaintemarie.com


Noé explores the intersections between sexwork, trans*- and intersex identity. They use photography as a medium to subvert existing perceptions and symbols around their work as a professional submissive and their trans*gender and intersex body. They are studying photography at the University of the Arts in Brighton and are a chosen participant of the ‘TALKING GENDERS PROJECT’, a multi-arts london-based program, that focuses on young queer artists. Their photographs are going to be part of the ‘and what?!’ queer arts festival in London in October 2017. They have also been part of the performance ‘Sexwork Works’ at the Berlin Pornfilmfestival 2016. They are white, abled-bodied, trans*, intersex and neurodivergent.

About The Project: As a part of the london-based ‘TALKING GENDERS PROJECT’, I am working on an exhibition that focuses exclusively on the intersection between trans*identity and sexwork. I use my camera to both document and stage trans* and intersex sexworker’s realities. My work focuses on the relationship of trans* and intersex sexworkers with our bodies, (work)spaces and (work)performances. Featuring only trans* and sexworking models, including myself, I create a space in which the realities of trans*identified sexworkers are showcased based on our experiences and directions.