Here are the workshops we have this year at Queeristan!
All workshops will be in English.

SATURDAY 12:00 – 14:00

Workshop: Creative collective writing with The Orange writing collective – Limited 15ppl
Location: Bollox

We try to look upon the writing as a healing process with focus on the process itself and not the end results. We explore writing as a way to express ourselves, clear our heads and play with language. The texts will be written together and read out loud, for the group only. Everything is done anonymously and collective and there will be no focus on the individual performance. Very welcome!

Two Part Workshop on Mental Health / Part One: Separatist Space
Location: OCCII Office

We are three people based in Copenhagen who have all had different journeys within the psychiatric system, and we all have an interest in mental health outside of our own experience. We have all been part of queer scenes for a number of years, so have experiences both being queer and with mental health stuff, and also in the psychiatric system as queer people.

This part of the workshop will be a separatist space for people who are in a psychiatric system, people who have the prospect of becoming a part of a psychiatric system and for people who has been a part a psychiatric system (not people who works as professionals and isn’t a part of a psychiatric system on a personal level) to talk about their own experiences with mental health and the queer community, as well as being queer within a healthcare system.

Burnout: Prevention and Recovery.
Location: Binnenpret Tent

A workshop with a little bit of theory on the symptoms of burnouts and lots of practical exercises to gain insight in burnout factors (both on a personal level as on a group level), with concrete tools to prevent and recover from activist burnouts. Disclaimer: it’s a workshop. It’s not therapy.

Culturally Appropriate Not Culturally Appropriative: Healing Ourselves With Our Own Spiritual Practices – Limited 35ppl
Location: OCCII Hall

Cultural appropriation runs rampant in various spiritual communities and individual practices. We want to demonstrate a few of the myriad ways of building a spiritual practice that are culturally appropriate to you, not culturally appropriative of others.

In this workshop, we will explore various healing modalities from a spiritual perspective such as working with nature spirits, crystals, laying on of hands, and dream walking. We will lead the group in a healing session/dreaming walking to help you tap into your unique healing abilities.
We will lightly touch on some 101 basics, but this workshop is geared toward folks who have already begun to delve into spiritual practices. So although all are welcome, please keep in mind that this will be a bit more advanced of a workshop.

Our approach to teaching these practices is to help you all build around your unique subjective histories, your own cultural heritages, and connect with these elements in search of your personal healing practices. We all possess abilities to heal ourselves. We will show you how we approach our own healing and encourage you to explore your individual ways to heal, whether physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. We encourage you to hone your own autonomous healing practices of self-empowerment.

You may wish to bring the following items with you for comfort: something to lay on (for meditation on the floor), something to cover your eyes like a shawl or anything that blocks out light when you have your eyes closed that aids in concentration, and if you have them, crystals or other items you work with in your own practices. We will have some crystals for people to borrow. We also recognize that some people prefer to work their own. Feel free to bring whatever you need to facilitate your own practice.

About The Facilitators:

Kiki DeLovely is a queer femme activist and erotica writer based in North Carolina. She works with elements of nature, witchcraft, magic, and woo that are born out of her mixed background.

Sebastian De Line is an artist and academic currently living in Amsterdam. He works with his Chinese and Metis ancestral beliefs in his spiritual and artistic practices, writing, and personal politics as a queer trans person.

SATURDAY 16:00 – 18:00

Listening Hearts – Empathy and Self Care. – Limited 20ppl
Location: Bollox

Not just the words we use, but also how we speak and listen to each other can determine levels of understanding or conflict between people. Emotions often lie at the core of what drives people apart or together. This is no different in activist communities, yet there is sometimes very little space given to emotions outside of creative forms of expression like stage performances, visual arts, music, writing. In this workshop we will look at how we communicate with each other and ourselves, by paying attention to the feelings and needs that lie underneath the words. You will learn about how emotions can be our allies, the role of empathy buddies and how being in this role can contribute to our self-care and care of each other.

Mental Health Workshop / Part Two: General Space
Location: OCCII Office

A general space for those interested in the mental health experiences of people in the queer community and how to support them/how to be an ally. We will try to create a space to talk about mental health in a non-taboo, non-patronising and non-stigma way that seeks to demystify and open a discussion about how mental health stigma can affect people’s lives.

Disscussion: Radical Romanticism, violent Cuteness and the destruction of the World
Location: OCCII Hall

Discussing cuteness as a feeling that always points at power differences and ultimately violence. This will not be problematized, but instead the talk will hint at ways that feelings of cuteness might be useful to recognize and work with difference. We look at the film Love Letter/Prema Lekha by Neelu Bhuman and discuss how Neelu suggests that instead of critical distance, we might also turn to Radical Romanticism. The talk will end with a proposal to destroy the world.When that is done we will discuss what just happened, and hopefully set out to make good on the promise.

Mijke has worked on Radical Transfeminism for a few years now. Currently they are staging a lecture series inSchwules Museum, Berlin on the topic, as part of the exhibition even millionaires can be Trans*/You are so Brave.

Trans Health – Sharing Experiences, Health Issues and Strategies for Self-Care
Location: Binnenpret Tent

Trans health care is failing every day to provide trans people with better opportunities to achieve a good health. We do what we can to take care of each other and ourselves outside that system. I want to invite you to take part in this workshop where we can share our strategies we use with each other, discuss experiences and give credit to the knowledge that exist among us. Let’s talk about side effects and negative outcomes, alternative solutions and great ways to feel better! We are the experts on our bodies, our health and lives.

If you identify as trans or have trans experience you are welcome to participate.

SUNDAY 14:00 – 16:00

Wacking Workshop
Location: Theater Munganga

If you have ever dreamed of being a dancefloor diva, come learn a few WAACKING moves that will queen your dance up! It’s going to be soulful, it’s going to be fierce, it’s going to be empowering… You don’t want to miss it! With Ari De B, Parisian based all-terrain dancer

The Role of Compassion in De-Stressing and Conflict Resolution
Location: OCCII Office

This workshop will consist of different stress-relieving exercises: some physical, some mental/emotional, with an emphasis on the role and the value of compassion within this process and the influence compassion has on conflicts within groups.

***NEW TIME 16:00*** What happened to Self-Care?
Location: OCCII Hall

While it should be applauded that there seem to be more conversations on self-care as a pracitice , unfortunately there is also a shift in which self-care because a ‘task’ the individual has to take upon themselves by themselves.It may seem nice to tell someone to take their time for self-care, but essentially we are letting people suffer alone and  then they can come back when they are ‘ok’ again (ofcourse if an individual themselves want time alone it is a different matter). In this workshop, which is more a conversation together, I would like to talk with people on how to get self-care to the level of community. Although my own experiences would be with self care regarding mental issues, I welcome all to join this conversation and see how we can make self care less ableist, less individualistic and more healing.

About the facilitator: I am Ramona, a cis woman, queer, black and struggle with mental illness. I love to sing, and cook pretty cool vegan meals that i devour before taking nice pictures of them.

(14:00)Open Workshop Space / POC facilitators favoured
Location: Binnenpret Tent

You asked us last year to give room for a self-organised workshop and here it is. You will be free to use this space as needed. We will be in touch will you at the festival about how we can organise ourselves.