APRIL 16th
Spuistraat 216 / Amsterdam



Queeristan is a D-I-Y festival which means it doesn’t happen without people to make it happen!

We will be having an open meeting Sunday 16th April for anyone who is interested in helping out, curious about what we are, has something to say or just wants to listen.

There is no pressure to get involved in the actual planning by attending the meeting but as it stands we do not have enough people committed to make the festival happen. We want to reach out to see if there is anyone interested in helping bring it together this year, and if not, what can we do about it.

The meeting will focus on two main points:

1) What do we want Queeristan to be?
What do we want to create space for? What are we working towards? Why is this festival important to us?

2) How can we make it happen?
Who is able to make it happen? When will it be? What can we realistically do/achieve with the resources we have?

If you think having an autonomous queer political festival is important please consider coming to the meeting Sunday to hear the discussion on the realities of making a festival like Queeristan happen.

Queeristan has been an important part of our community for years but each year less and less people are able to commit to planning the festival and more and more people come to enjoy it. Queeristan is not supposed to be about collective consumption, it should be about collective creation. The more people who get involved the less work it is for everyone.

So clear your agenda (unless you have Easter or Passover commitments then email us!) and come down to Vrankrijk on Sunday. From 19:00 at Vrankrijk there is also a voku / karaoke / non-alcoholic cocktail bar benefit for the fword, another awesome festival here in Amsterdam, so don’t miss out!!

* Fword Benefit Info on Squat Radar *