Radical Queer Resistance is a DIY festival about exploring and countering the normative workings of gender, sexuality and identity in an autonomous space that avoids capitalism, commercialisation, heteronormativity, racism, ableism, sexism and transphobia.

The festival is run by fucking cool queers who found themselves in Amsterdam, and we want to meet you! So bring your gender, sexuality, experiences and stories, (but leave your baggage at home; Free your mind and the rest will follow!) we want to welcome you to our community.

We have previously run our festivals under the name ‘Queeristan’ which you can find more information about here.

Radical Queer Resistance is a vegan space. We have all been taught to believe that the human species is inherently superior to all other species and are offered privileges and rights accordingly. Not only is this belief discriminative, exploitative and oppressive in its own right, capitalism also depends upon this belief to justify profiting off of the abuse and slaughter of non-humans (animals). Therefore, we do not want to be vegan capitalists either. We recognise the links between capitalism and human exploitation, as well as the link between capitalism and non-human exploitation. We are just as much against the free consumption of corporate products created from human oppression and suffering and adopt “radical veganism”.

As a result, we also boycott Israeli products in solidarity with Palestine. The Israel apartheid, massacres in Gaza and Israeli state aggression go against International Law and fundamental human rights. We aim to avoid any means of aiding Israel in its occupation of Palestine.


We hope to see you in early July for a queer weekend of discussions, workshops, parties and politics!

Groups who made our festival possible:

  • Queernl – the instigator of the festival.
  • Binnenpret
  • MKZ
  • Vrankrijk
  • Trut Fonds

And to our wonderful volunteers and organizers, thank you!

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Is queer autonomy festival happening this year? Or any similar event? If so I would like to get involved .

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